That's what twice nominated Pulitzer Prize author M.P. Manilla says in her riveting new read, "Foretold; Inspired by Actual Events and Ancient Prophecies".This former reporter's novel shares a cautionary tale about nuclear threat INSIDE America Do special interests influence government decisions more than we know? These interests could never override the safety of American citizens-or could they? This is the premise of "Foretold", Manilla's suspense thriller about the special interests that influence government decisions on nuclear. A former reporter, Manilla's novel is based on research compiled over years, to warn Americans of the potential danger that comes with the government's nuclear storage, specifically at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. "Foretold" was inspired by & based on interviews with nuclear physicists, geologists, representatives of major environmental groups, legislators & NATIVE AMERICAN historians & staff members at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. From Manilla's research, she found that an ancient Native American prophecy predicted the threat of nuclear disaster on American soil! She also found that the United States government planned to build a storage repository for volatile nuclear waste under Yucca Mountain, despite warning from nuclear physicists, geologists & environmentalists. Her research showed that the site was one of the most dangerous places for nuclear waste to be stored, as it is located in the 3rd most active earthquake zone on the continent, in an area crisscrossed by 33 fault lines & located over a huge aquifer of underground water. It's a page turner for sure...make that a "page BURNER!! Check "Foretold" out at: & "Foretold" will hit you like a 110 car freight train barreling through Shelby at 180 mph!!!

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