He wasn't wearing a hat or yodeling and so maybe you didn't recognize Wylie Gustafson....his brother Barr and Barr's wife and children....Colleen, Greta and Owen.   The family was gathered around the table praying before dinner on The Gustafson Ranch near the Two Medicine River, South of Browning.

It was one of the scene's in a Super Bowl commercial from Dodge Ram on Sunday.  It featured the voice of Paul Harvey, narrating from his 1978 speech delivered at the National Farmers Union Convention and Titled, "So God Made a Farmer."

The photo was taken by National Geographic photograper Bill Allard as was a photo of Barr Gustafson sitting on the porch with chin in hand and a saddled horse in the commercial is Gretas' horse "Chilly," according to Wylie.

The non-traditional commercial immediately set twitter ablaze with viewers registering an overwhelmingly positive reaction.  Wylie said he thought it was a great ad promoting agriculture.   And in his words, "As a christian,"  I was especially pleased that they captured the family praying before dinner because that's not made up, that's the reality of the ranch life and family.

Dodge Ram has declared 2013 the "Year of the Farmer," and is kicking off a year of programs dedicated to featuring the importance of farmers.

Bill Allard had been in the area about a month ago doing a story on Montana's Hi-Line when he stopped by the ranch for a shoot.  The family had no idea how the pictures would be used until they appeared in the Super Bowl commercial.    I also found out from Aaron Flint of the Northern Ag network, who talked with Colleen Monday morning that Barr is a local veterinarian.  She also pointed out that the family buys their multiple Dodge pickups at Northern Chrylser in Cut Bank.