Shelby's CAROUSEL is almost FULLY restored & the land just south of the Dempsey Gibbons Park here in Shelby has been purchased. The groundbreaking ceremony back in April was spectacular & plans are underway to start the foundation for the building to house the carousel. To date, the carousel, restoration, & land are ALL paid for! The 23 different animals & figures are close to finished thanks to several inmates out at the prison along with the 3 faithful local girls who did a beautiful job repainting them. Tomorrow (Saturday) morning during the 8 o'clock hour, Harry Benjamin will be in the studio to share more on the carousel & update us with more information. Donations are NOW being accepting to hopefully finish the building AND install the restored carousel by THIS September. You can send your donation(s) to First State Bank in Shelby. There's literally a TON of other plans that Harry will fill us in on tomorrow morning in the 8 o'clock hour on KSEN & KZIN.

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