Democratic and union activists were cheering, while Republican activists were mocking, State Sen. Shannon Augare (D-Browning) on social media Friday.  Augare apparently fled the Montana State Capitol in an attempt to block action on several bills that would be decided on by the voters through the referendum process.

With Augare absent, Democrats had planned to hold a "call of the Senate" so that several GOP-backed bills would fail to meet a legislative deadline.  But then, Senate President Jeff Essmann (R-Billings) moved ahead with key votes anyway. Outmaneuevered, chaos and anger then erupted on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Below is a compilation of coverage and YouTube videos detailing the loud protests inside the Senate chamber.  This compilation starts with a milk carton photo poking fun at the "missing" State Sen. Shannon Augare: (former Democratic Rep. Mike Jopek of Whitefish also forwarded a picture around the Internet titled, "Where's Auggie?")


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