I have been everywhere from Heart Butte to Conrad and Cut Bank to watch youth sports this past month.  In this case I mean real youth like the Jr. High Volleyball teams.  I have one daughter playing 6th grade volleyball and one playing 7th, so they travel together and we watch the Shelby 8th graders as well.   To watch their improvement is great fun the idea of playing to win also takes hold.  One of my daughters friends and ours, Kim Parsell served eight points in a row to bring the 7th graders back from an 8 point deficit in Cut Bank Monday night. She commented I wished I would be more intense at the beginning of the match and even though the eight serves were awesome, she remembers the last one that wasn't a point.    It's what sports is all about.   The Shelby 8th grade team by the way had not lost all season until the Cut Bank match.   It was a great season girls, don't just think about that one and Good Luck in the tournament next week.

I'm also becoming an expert on Archery.   Not really but that too is fun to see the achievements.   My daughter Makenna scored a Robin Hood recently and had she not been in Archery, I wouldn't have known what a Robin Hood is.   If you didn't know, I hope you enjoy the picture.

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