Glacier County/Toole County– People have a new opportunity to enroll in health insurance for 2021 on, but only for a limited time. This new COVID-19 open enrollment period starts on February 15, 2021 and ends on May 15, 2021.

With job losses continuing to mount amid the COVID-19 resurgence, and millions of people having lost their job-based health insurance since the start of this public health and economic crisis, the Biden Administration has opened up to give people who need health insurance a new opportunity to get covered, but they must act quickly.

For those of you who missed the open enrollment window this past fall, now is the time to act.  For free, confidential, local help, contact Kim Winchell, local assister for the health insurance Marketplace.  Call 406-873-5670 to make an appointment.

Health insurance is more affordable than many people think. In Montana 63% of current marketplace consumers had plans available for 2021 that cost less than $50 per month, after financial help. Nearly 9 out of ten marketplace enrollees in Montana received financial help that lowered their monthly health insurance premiums last year. In addition, 30% of enrollees also qualified for lower out-of-pocket costs for health care services.

Consumers enrolling in a plan on are guaranteed to receive comprehensive coverage, with no pre-existing condition exclusions or markups. All plans cover essential benefits, including doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, mental health treatment, and maternity care. In addition, consumers receive free preventive care services, such as immunizations and health screenings. Testing and treatment of COVID-19 are considered essential health benefits and are covered by all plans.

Consumers should log on to, or contact Kim, between Feb 15, 2021 and May 15, 2021 to get the comprehensive health insurance they need.

To learn more, please visit:

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