Dr. Clem Pellett's blowing into town tomorrow (Wednesday) to do some preliminary scouting with his director of photography for his upcoming, soon to be produced movie, "Pellett." Clem will be here in Shelby, along with Producer/director/screenwriter of "Pellett," Producer Peter Sobich, & Cinematographer Jeremy Miller. They'll be attending our Shelby Chamber of Commerce Banquet Wednesday evening where Clem will be the featured speaker at the rostrum. Come Thursday morning, they'll be touring the slammer...they'll be out at the Crossroads Correction Facility as a "potential" film location. Why not bake them a cake with a file! Speaking of being behind bars...they'll all be stopping by the Puffman Show at 4:30 tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon for some high spirited hijinks! This will probably be the closest to Hollywood I ever get so I intend to treat them with courtesy, respect & an all around good time. Looking forward to catching up with Clem & his cohorts tomorrow afternoon on the Puffman Show. Lights! Cameras! ACTION!

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