Puffman Musical Trivia returns on Monday afternoon's at 4:35 starting today, & this afternoon (Monday,) I'll feature the book, "Freedom Flight; A True Account of the Cold War's Great Escape" by Frank Iszak. Mr. Iszak was a journalist at the apex of the Communist terror in Hungary when his article about the dissolution of a collective farm landed him in a uranium mine for "re-education." He broke out but remained a fugitive within the heavily guarded borders of Hungary. In order to escape, he organized a boxing team, & on their way to the regional championship they diverted their domestic flight across the Iron Curtain. Condemned to death (in absentia( (which is way better than being there "in person.) he received political asylum in the West & immigrated to the U.S. He worked as a chemist, publisher, public speaker, & martial artist. Today, he teaches yoga in San Diego with his good wife. Time Magazine describes the book as "breathing the air of freedom." Tune in to "Our air" this afternoon at 4:35 & be the 1st caller in with the correct answer to my Puffman Musical Trivia question & WIN the book. I strongly encourage YOU to check out "Freedom Flight; A True Account of the Cold War's Great Escape" by Frank Iszak at: www.freedomflightfilm.com. Freedom is never free or, as I like to say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch"...unless you're a radio celebrity & icon like me, I'm the Puffman.

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