Tall Todd and the custom cutter guys are still down in the Conrad area. The boys are finishing up some winter wheat north of Conrad and waiting on the green spring grains. Some barley and spring wheat HAVE been harvested but high grain moisture is halting their big machines from wrapping things up here in the Golden Triangle. Gee, it seems like you guys just got here! Field fires and lightning fires are commonplace this year, what with all the lightning storms and lack of precip. Quite a number of cutters have moved most of their equipment north of the border, as the spring grains up there are ready and raring for harvest. Swathing is underway as far north as Edmonton! Some rail car shortages are apparent, as elevators wait for the trains to deliver the empty boxcars, which the elevator guys are working around the clock to fill and send on their way out to the coast for foreign shipment or on to flour mills where the newly harvested grains can be made into flour and food-stuff. Is that last sentence long or what! I think it ran longer than our harvest season! Grasshoppers are becoming evident out in the cut fields and kochia (fireweed) and Russian thistle are apparent throughout out Golden Triangle. Keep harvesting boys and good luck this harvest season. We all appreciate what you do and what you provide.

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