The 45th Annual Montana Range Days, hosted by our Toole County Conservation District & the Natural Resources Conservation Service, is on the way to our Golden Triangle, next week, Monday, the 20th, through Wednesday, the 22nd. Shelby High School Ag Educator, Thad White, is excited to have hundreds of students & adults  learn about Montana's LARGEST natural resource, rangeland! There'll be a ton of events for anyone ages 4-99. In addition to all the youth workshops & contests, there'll be some great local tours for ranchers to learn about range management & issues here in the Golden Triangle. We're talking fun & educational workshops where you can learn more about precision farming high resolution scouting & grazing management especially during drought conditions. I'll be blogging more on the 45th Annual Montana Range Day's daily schedule of events soon on my Puff Man Blog, where "never is heard a discouraging word."

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