We got another earful of information on the new school lunch menu's this morning from Sunburst Superintendent of Schools Tim Tharp.     In a Thursday morning interview on KSEN's This, That & The other, Tharp said, "to be honest with you Mark, we're not following them."

He also told us of numerous cooks who have quit their jobs instead of having to fill out numerous government forms to show they are complying with the Federal mandate.    We have talked alot about this subject this week and I just wanted to point out that there is no intention to criticize school officials, cooks, or anyone affiliated with the local school lunch program but when the Federal bureaucracy, mandates a one size fits all formula for what we eat and takes away local control, it needs to be discussed.    Hear more in the interview with Tim.

Tim Tharp Interview - Part 1

Interview Part 2

Part 3