You have to LOVE a book about a dog when the book's author has a last name like "Shepherd! "Rio-A Love Story; How My Dog Saved My Life," beautifully written by Joni darc Shepherd, is a must-read book, a beautiful, heartwarming story about a girl immersed in sadness from heartbreaking family circumstances, & how she regained control of her life by setting goals & achieving new heights & accomplishments. It's an inspirational "tail" of how her sweet dog, Rio, lovingly leads her out of her darkness with pure unconditional love, joy & faithfulness, encouraging her to open new doors of happiness. I heartily agree with best selling author, Tom Bird, when he blasts, "Rio-A Love Story" is a true love story-a love story about the type of love we all crave & all deserve-unconditional love." You've hit the proverbial nail on the head, Mr. Bird! If you don't read ANYTHING else in 2020, please read "Rio- A Love Story; How My Dog Saved My Life," by Joni darc Sherpherd from Sojourn Publishing, Inc. It will change your life! Happy New Year 2020 from the Puffman Blog.

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