In a 2013 Super Bowl commercial for milk, we learn that Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" derives much of his power from cow juice.

As the spot begins, Johnson is distressed to learn his fridge is out of milk. So he goes out to get more of it. Along the way he encounters a little girl whose kitten is stuck in a tree. Usually the wrestler turned action hero would be the perfect man to rescue the pet, but without his milk he has to leave the girl disappointed.

For that matter, without milk's protein boost, Johnson can't intervene when he sees three men robbing a bank, although it really looks like he wants to. Then there is some sort of circus disaster and lions and elephants roam the streets, but still milk-less Johnson isn't able to do a thing about it.

Finally, he gets his milk gallon. And just in the nick of time because aliens have suddenly invaded earth and are joining with the circus carnage. But now, after downing a glass of milk, he can save the day. We're all just lucky that The Rock isn't lactose intolerant.

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