The 32nd Annual Rocky Mountain Foundation Golden Triangle Chapter Banquet's on the way to the Joe Meagher Memorial Civic Center, in Cut Bank, on Saturday night, the 23rd. Doors will open at 5, with dinner at 7, followed by a LIVE auction & games. Tickets are NOW available by calling 229 0803, but you MUST reserve by next Friday, the 15th to take advantage of pre-banquet raffles specials. Gary Quenzer, from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, will be our guest tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 2:30, on the Puff Man Show on KSEN AM 1150. I note that this is the 32nd celebration, & it's on the 23rd. In other words, the numbers 2 & 3 "reversed." And that ladies & gentlemen, is why they call me the "Puffman!"

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