I blogged on "Wheat rust" on a previous Puffman Blog as we continue to celebration Ag Appreciation Month here in our Golden Triangle, & I mentioned recently, that the more mature winter wheat where our friend Todd, the custom cutter is cutting this month down in Texas, has significant rust problems; thought to be stem rust instead of stripe rust, but yet, nobody seems to know for sure. The chemical to fight the rust dilemma runs $2.00 an acre, plus application & the doggoned application is only good for a week to 10 days. Down in Texas, there are tons of cattle that are currently on the winter wheat, & some producers are willing to graze out their wheat, instead of harvesting it. The rust issue seems to be minimal where the cattle are grazing, as the growth is kept to a minimum. The decision of whether to graze or harvest it will have to be decided sometime this month. Our custom harvester friend, "Tall" Todd, seems to feel that any of the grain saved for harvest in Texas where he's cutting now will be mature later on because of the cool, wet weather they've had all winter. He reports that "normal" harvest conditions down there are around the middle of May, but with agriculture, as in life, I'm not sure what can be considered "Normal." I'll keep track of Todd as he works his way up here to our Golden Triangle in the coming months.