Not like my hero, Bob Dylan, anyway. I'm blogging about Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Church Universal & Triumphant & the creation of Utopia in Montana's Paradise Valley. That's what I'll be reading about tonight (Tuesday) during Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. It's another Montana woman's story in the book we're currently enjoying at the Heritage Center on Tuesday evenings. The book is, "Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams" from the Montana Historical Society down in Helena. It's been a GREAT read so far although we haven't come to the "Madams" part yet but I suspect they're coming. I'm looking forward to reading & learning more about the late Elizabeth Clare Prophet & her crew of zany characters. I remember years back reading of her in the news & I seem to recall they were building bunkers, stocking up on ammunition & bringing armored tanks into the beautiful Paradise Valley. Sounds like my good friends "on the other side of the aisle!" We'll find out the "story-behind-the-story tonight at 6 during Montana History at the Heritage.

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