Tens of thousands of snow geese are flocking to Freezout Wildlife Management Area in north central Montana.

In just the last week, between 50,000 to 100,000 of the white birds have appeared at the WMA. The birds are flying north to breeding grounds.

Freezout is located between the towns of Fairfield and Choteau, along U.S. 89.

Typically snow geese migration peaks the end of March. Some years, winter weather farther north can bottle up the birds temporarily at Freezout, leading to numbers greater than 100,000.

Birdwatchers also head to Freezout this time of year to view migrating raptors and shorebirds. Visitors should be careful of muddy roads on the WMA.

For more information on what birds are stopping at Freezout, call the WMA hotline at (406) 467-2646.