Glacier National Park Conservancy steps in to fund winter condition update

WEST GLACIER, MT.  – Glacier National Park in partnership with the Glacier National Park Conservancy has completed an initial fixed-wing overflight of the Sperry Chalet dormitory building to check on its status. The chalet dormitory building was badly burned during the Sprague Fire on August 31, 2017.

Photo Courtesy Gravity Shots/Glacier National Park Conservancy
Whether the Sperry Chalet can be restored depends heavily on whether the stone walls survive the pressure of winter's snowpack. (Photo Courtesy Gravity Shots/Glacier National Park Conservancy)

The preliminary overflight indicates that the dormitory walls are still standing, and appear to be in good condition.

Last fall, with the financial support of the Glacier National Park Conservancy, the park completed a significant stabilization effort to protect the remnant dormitory walls from snow loads and high winds expected this winter.

It appears that thus far those efforts have been successful, and that no extreme events like avalanches have occurred.

The park has received funding through the Conservancy to complete two more flights, planned for March and April. Those flights will be scheduled when weather conditions allow.

“We are very pleased to see that the dormitory walls are standing,” said Park Superintendent Jeff Mow. “This information helps us significantly as we plan next steps for the chalet.”

The flight made possible by donations to the Glacier National Park Conservancy, the park’s official philanthropic partner.

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