Professional surfer Tom Dosland rode a wave -- and then the wave rode him.

While surfing Jaws in Maui, Hawaii last week, Dosland wiped out on an enormous 40-foot wave that ate him up.

Take a look at some other angles to appreciate the sheer lunacy of what happened:

Dosland talked about the experience with Surfer Magazine:

It looked like a sea monster rising out of the ocean when it came my way. But I was going. No matter what. So I flipped around and started paddling to get into it. You can’t really tell from the video, but there was some wind blowing spray up the face as I was about to drop in, which pretty much blinded me for a few seconds....Once I started to drop in and could open both my eyes, I instantly realized that this wasn’t going to end well for me. So I sort of hit the eject button hoping to make the best of it and penetrate. I was free-falling for a while. It felt like I jumped off a cliff. That’s when my leash stretched out all the way and flipped me over head-first. From there, I hit the face and it was just a brutal beating, like I was in a car crash.

Dosland was okay (he had a stiff neck), although his board was destroyed. Not to be deterred, he went out to the same spot the next day and surfed some more because he is the toughest surfer around.

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