I feel like I'm surrounded by cards these days. First off, we're into another exciting "Let It Ride" contest season right here on Good As Gold-KSEN and if you haven't played the contest yet this summer, I invite you to call in (434 5241) when you hear the "cue to call". "Cue to Call"...do you like that(!), it's a radio term. We play "Let It Ride" 5 times daily on the radio and it's blast, both from dealing the cards here in the studio and also from a contestant standpoint. It's even more fun when you play the game with me in the afternoons because I don't know the first thing about cards! Anything beyond Rummy 500 or Crazy 8's is beyond my learning and knowledge bank. Card excitement doesn't end there...the Marias Heritage Center will be having their card party this Monday at 1:30 with treats and drinks PROVIDED! They play a variety of card games up there on Mondays and who knows, they might invite me (I'm the Puffman!) sometime to deal out some "Let It Ride" action. I've been called an "ace" a time or two, not to mention a "joker" a few times in my life and I know some of you are thinking "the man plays with less than a full deck"! I invite you to call in and try your luck on our" Let It Ride" contest and if you have a chance, stop up at the beautiful Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby some Monday afternoon. I won't be reading Montana History this Tuesday at the Heritage Center as they're having their summer barbecue and I'll be enjoying a steak dinner on the patio up there. I like mine medium rare with ketchup. How do you like your steak? I'll be anxious to hear from you.

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