Mark Daniels

Cold but exhilirating!
It probably wasn't the first choice of what to be doing on a cold Saturday afternoon, but none-the-less, 25 individuals from around the Golden Triangle,  braved the below-zero wind chill temperatures  and jumped into a tank of freezing cold water to benefit Mt...
Champion Bobcats, has a nice ring!
The Bobcat Tailgate party in Shelby last weekend was quite a success.  Ringside Ribs was set up to feed about 120 max, but they ended up feeding more than 150 and the crowd was rumored to be about double what was expected.   See what one victory will do!
Who would you choose, for your reception?
When two of Country music's biggest stars got married, they decided they would leave the music to someone else so that they could enjoy the day.   Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert chose Neal McCoy to play at their party and it got me thinking; what if I or you could get anyone we wan…