Montana FWP

Grizzly Bears
Maggie Nutter and Trina Bradley, from the Marias River Livestock Association were in our studios today and talked to Mark Daniels about grizzly bears in our area.
Grizzly bears are becoming a serious concern for local stock growers and other residents of our area...
2016 Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Montana’s 2016 hunting and fishing licenses go on sale Monday, Feb. 1, under a new fee structure passed by the state legislature. Licenses will be available at all Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks license outlets.
This year hunters must purchase a new “base hunting license&Close…
Ice Fishing Derbies Approved for This Winter
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks approved a number of ice fishing contests for 2015-2016. 
Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits. Some contests require catch-and-release fishing and participants in these contests may not keep any fish. Contac…