"Mare Lare" often says, "Run to the roundhouse," & I say, "When you do, take along Brian Solomon's "Field Guide To Trains; Locomotives and Rolling Stock." My friend, Brian, is one of today's most accomplished railway historians. The man has authored more than 30 books about railroads & locomotive Power, & his writing & photography have been featured in the world's top rail publications! Now you can be the human Wikipedia page of trains...from locomotives to rolling stock. Bring "Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock" along on family trips to see what rolls the rails as you're traveling. It's a neat book published by Voyageur Press with 160 glorious color photos. Railroad buff Brian Solomon divides his time between Massachusetts & Ireland, & as soon as I find out exactly WHERE he is, I'm going to invite him back on the Puffman Show. It's always my pleasure to catch up with Brian. He's really outdone himself this time with his latest tome. All aboard, run to the roundhouse, they'll never corner you as long as you bring along Brian Solomon's "Field Guide To Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock" from Voyageur Press.

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