Today, Wednesday, the 29th, is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. 50 years have now passed since the final American military forces left Vietnam. Did you know Vietnam War-era veterans went on to lead Fortune 500 companies, direct Oscar-winning films, create a prominent computer-programming language, & even map the human genome? Today, there are approximately 6 million living veterans from the Vietnam era. MAN, that's more than 30% of America's veteran population. Earlier this morning, a National Veterans Memorial & Museum's Welcome Home Ceremony was held with keynote speaker, Capt. J. Charles "Charlie" Plumb (USN, Ret,) a naval aviator who was shot down & held prisoner in Vietnam for 6 years! Today's a national opportunity for all of us to show & share our thanks & sincere appreciation for all the sacrifices by these men & women. Thank YOU, Vietnam veterans.

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