We are pleased to present the premiere of 'New Horizon,' a new video from the Answer. You may recognize the group from their opening performances on AC/DC's most recent world tour.

'New Horizon' is the title track from the group's most recent album, which is their fourth and, according to lead singer Cormac Neeson, their most focused. “We started off the album process the same away as usual, by getting in a room and jamming like motherf---ers, taping everything and going back to the best ideas,” he explains. “The difference this time, especially once [producer] Toby (Jepson) was on board, was that we had a discussion about the album we wanted to make, we made a very clear game plan and we stuck to it. Every time we felt like wandering off and indulging ourselves, we’d rein it in and focus on making an album of direct rock ‘n’ roll songs that’d make you want to get on the dance floor and shake your s---!”

Although the benefits of that disciplined approach are clear in the song itself, it seems the band gave themselves more freedom for the accompanying video. “The concept of the video was based on an altered perception of reality and the inner struggle of the mind," the group explains. "Our birdman has some serious issues but eventually manages to conquer his demons!”

You can hear and purchase more songs from the 'New Horizon' album, and keep up with the latest tour dates and news from the Answer on their official website.