Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, says he doesn't smoke except when he's talking with me, the Puffman. Pete will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at a quarter to 5 to share some more of his "True Tales" long distance live from the streets of New York City. The driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge reports that the minimum legal age to buy a pack of smokes in the Big Apple is being raised from 18 to 21! It doesn't stop here either...Pete is jumping to the conclusion that Brooklyn women are the "pickiest" in the country...what do YOU think? This man's thought processes are downright amazing. I'm sure that Pete will have another of his infamous "Celebrity Sightings" to report this afternoon (besides talking with me!). & wait until you hear the Franklin "Smiler" of the week's all about SEX & his iPhone. It's always a real radio adventure whenever the Gabby Cabby joins me on the air. See you this afternoon with the Gabby (crabby) Cabby!