No, it's NOT necessarily a book about Penn State University and current woes, but there are several pages devoted to the troubled university back in Happy Valley. "The Dark Side of Sports" is the latest read from Nick T. Pappas exposing the sexual culture of collegiate and professional athletes and I'll be giving away a copy of the book tomorrow morning (Saturday) on my "Puffman Sports Trivia" segment at 7:25. Dr. Pappas is a former collegiate and professional ice hockey player and coach who earned a doctorate degree from Ohio State University. Dr/Coach Pappas writes about how elite-level athletes are placed upon heightened pedestals in society's world-wide while at the same time, there is a dark side to these glorified competitors that remains hidden from those outside of exclusive athletic circles. This book was just released and is now available at First correct caller with the "sports trivia" answer wins "The Dark Side of Sports". See you tomorrow morning on Sports Trivia.

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