Peter Franklin says "one wacko out of the more than 300 million people we have in the United States, goes and shoots up a movie theater and right afterwards, every talking head (I think he might mean the media) has an explanation as to why it happened". The driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge doesn't seem to have an answer himself, but his jaws are tight because the New York City Police Department has now put officers at all theaters showing the Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) to prevent his fellow New Yorkers from doing the same shoot out. Pete says the biggest danger the City now faces is the wild overtime the cops are going to get. He also wryly comments that a free movie and popcorn, as an incentive, means that the City's finest are falling all over one another to get this "movie duty". Perhaps the NY theaters should consider serving doughnuts! The Gab Man believes that the movie itself promotes violence and class warfare. I had a difficult time getting in touch with Pete this week...he was glued to his TV watching some professional wrestling steel cage matches, but he IS going to take a couple of minutes out this afternoon (Tuesday) to join me on the Puffman Show at 4:35. It's going to be a SHORT broadcast, he has to get back to watching murder and mayhem in the squared circle! See you then.