I'm going to be talking with Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, later on today (Thursday) on the Puffman Show. I'll be putting through a long distance phone call to New York City around a quarter to 5 this afternoon, check in with Pete, & ask him if he'd like to take a shot at playing our "Let It Ride" contest. "Let It Ride" is one of the funnest things we do on the radio (besides Radio Race Track!) & I get a chance to deal the cards twice every afternoon when I'm on the ether waves.. Pete's always a blast to talk with & dealing out 5 cards to the Driver Of The Yellow Mobile Conveyance Vehicle should make our contest twice as much fun, plus we'll hear some more True Tales from Back East. Be sure & check out Pete's website at: gabby.com & if you ever find yourself going to New York City, his personal tours are rated 5 Star...5 Star(!)...whatever that means. What does anything really mean when you're DEALING with Pete! See you this afternoon at 4:45 for True Tales with the Gab Man.