As Bob used to say, "whoever said "there's nothing to do in a small town, should simply ask the good folks who live there".

I was just doing my show prep for the next couple of days and quite frankly, there's so much stuff to do all here that I wish I could be two people!

This Friday night, the Cut Bank Chamber of  Commerce is putting on their annual banquets and these are always more than fun! There's a social hour at six and you know me, I'm known as "the social butterfly" flitting here and there when I'm not on the air. And who doesn't love a good old fashioned pig roast? That takes place at 7 right after the social hour at the Cut Bank Chamber banquet.

Area mailmen should be able to breathe easier after Saturday because there's going to be a rabies clinic at the Northern Veterinary Clinic in Cut Bank from 9 to noon Saturday morning along with dog licensing. Who let the dogs out anyway??

At the other end of our high line, the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is having their annual dinner meeting this Sunday afternoon at the Inverness Bar and Supper Club. I'd better head that way because I note that there's a social hour at 4 and you know how I enjoy those. Dinner will be at 5 and Matt Gibson and Larry Clark will be the guest speakers. This is quite a yearly affair in the Chester, Hingham, Inverness area.

Back to Cut Bank now, there's a 4-H annual soup and bread luncheon on Sunday from 11 until 2 at the Parkview Senior Center and you're allowed to eat as much as you want. I'd best not bring my friend Skippy with me...he'd eat them out of house and home. It's for a good cause too. All proceeds will benefit the Parkview Senior Center which does so much for the senior citizens in Cut Bank and all of Glacier County.

I didn't even get to tell you about local sports this weekend but I promise I'll talk about that tomorrow on my blog. I'll also be talking about it on my afternoon radio program. We've going to be broadcasting three games and one of them looks like it is going to be a real barn burner to me. Speaking of burning, I think I left something on the stove! I'd best run and will check in with you all soon. Thanks for reading the Puffman blog.