The best golfers in our area are competing this weekend for bragging rights in the 2011 "Triangle Cup." The Triangle Cup (played right here in the Golden Triangle) is a Ryder Cup like golf tournament that comes across the greens every year about this time.These golfers come from and represent Shelby, Conrad and Cut Bank at our Marias Valley Golf Course here in Shelby and the Pondera Golf Club down in Conrad. It's always fun to listen to as KSEN/K 96 will be broadcasting live reports this Friday beginning at 10:15 in the morning on the Gary Goodan program. We'll continue with the reports all day Friday. We'll broadcast 14 reports on Sunday beginning at 7:15 in the morning and finish up on Monday with three reports, the first one airing at 6:45AM. There's always some good spirited teasing and fun filled rivalry between these three communities and even if you're not a golfer, I'm sure that you'll enjoy our coverage and hearing from many of your friends and neighbors along the High Line. This is just another example of how committed KSEN\K 96 is to our local community, the local sports scene, and of course, our many listeners in North Central Montana. Hit one down the green for me!