What would you do if your spouse suffered a traumatic injury, and the doctors said there was little they could do? My special guest tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:35, Dr. Kathleen Hartford changed her life and health care practice when that happened to her. She found her new mission after her first husband suffered a severe head injury in a plane crash. Dr. Hartford wasn't discouraged when his his doctor said, "find a home and put him in it-he's never coming back." Dr. Hartford will share what it was like to bring her husband back to full health in four years-even though he had no memories of her. She'll also touch on the surprising benefits of Chinese medicine, targeted nutrition and other alternative wellness techniques. Dr. Hartford is the author of "Fit, Fun & Fabulous At Any Age" and I'll be giving away a copy after my interview with this natural health doc tomorrow afternoon. I haven't even met this woman yet but I'm impressed and I've got to give her credit...how many women do you know who would EVEN want to bring their husbands back?!

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