Somebody at KSEN wisely titled our morning interview program This, That & the Other a long time ago.  It certainly fits because it really could be about anything. On our Friday morning show this week, for example, I'm hoping to talk with Toole County Commissioner Alan Underdal about the budget which is now being formulated.  We also generally talk with Conrad Mayor Wendy Judisch on Friday morning at about 9:35 and we'll see how there budget process is going as well.

This weekend, don't forget to listen for the Golf Spot as we expect to have updated information on league Tournaments.   The Tournament is almost over in Fairfield and I hope to have the Champions on the air.    League Tournament play for Monday night at Marias Valley starts Monday and we'll have the first round pairings.

The Wed. night women's league is into their second week at Marias Valley and we'll get you updated on that.

We have football starting this week with Sunburst at Cascade Friday night on KSEN and CJI @ Simms Sat. night on K96.    Volleyball tournaments start in Choteau Friday and Sunburst Saturday.