That of course is the Title of KSEN's famous Morning Show, which we don't actually do in the morning that much anymore, but I thought it described well what I would blog about today. If you haven't heard it yet, check us out most Monday's when Shelby's Mayor Dr. Larry Bonderud joins us in the studio and then Puff breaks in figuring it's his chance to speak on his Liberal views.   The discussion gets quite lively at times and we welcome calls.

Mayor Bonderud suggested last week that Class 1 railroads, like BNSF, should be taxed to fund Amtrak.   His reasoning is that the Railroads were given all that land when they first started and that they were relieved of  providing passenger service.   Some Representatives and Senators have proposed stripping Amtrak of all Federal Funding.

I also wanted to let everyone know that the Lord's Church, "Living Faith Baptist Church, the one that I attend, is still meeting in the H.S. auditorium in Shelby every Sunday morning with Sunday School starting at 9:45.   Services at 11 a.m.    Everyone is welcome.  We are still trying to raise money to build a building on property that the church has purchased on Oilfield Ave.    God has provided us with an Architect and more planning is going on now than ever before.   Pray for us or even come join us.

Finally, the Shelby Chamber Banquet was really fun Wed. night.  Hats off to Audie Bancroft who stood in line for 7 hours to get an autographed football from Marc Mariani in Havre so that the Chamber could auction it off to raise funds for bringing tournaments to Shelby.   The ball brought in about 600-Dollars as did, four other live auction items.    And congratulations to Jim and Opal Larson who were given the Chamber's President's Award for excellence.   They were described as Icons in the Shelby business Community and they just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary last Monday.