And, the book is too! Tomorrow (Sat) morning on Puff Man Sports Trivia, I'll have Kenneth D. Swan's riveting read, "Splendid Was The Trail," up for grabs for the 1st caller with the correct answer to my sports trivia question .Ranger Swan's career with the U.S. Forest Service ,spanned from 1911, to 1947, & you'll relive those halcyon days of this intrepid ranger's wonderfully rich, insightful life working in Region 1-Montana, northern Idaho, & western South Dakota. The trail was indeed "Splendid" for Ranger Swan, & so is his writing & photography in the book. Check out "Splendid Was The Trail,"  from Farcountry Press in Helena, at www,, & then listen to WIN Saturday morning at 7:30, on Puff Man Sports Trivia.

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