Written by Gordon Smedsrud

Tiber Farming Co.

Ole Smedsrud immigrated from Norway to Montana in 1914.  In 1916 he came to Conrad Montana and met with his friend Norman Solid; the land agent for Mont5ana homesteaders.  On August 16th of that year he received his land patents for 320 acres located on Township29N, Range 03E, Section 34, Toole County, MT.  They were signed by President Woodrow Wilson.  Grandpa Ole went to work building the Smedsrud Ranch.  He started with the homestead shack (that stood on the farm well into the 70s), the out bulidings, a big reservoir and broke some for the ground for farming.  The rest went in pasture for sheep.  Other than a milk cow, cattle didn’t show up for some years.  A few years later Ole was joined by his Norwegian sweetheart Marget Hegna.  They had two sons; Olaf and Arnet.  The farm grew in size over the years and prospered.  There are many stories though of hardships from weather – markets – health – even social problems.  Today, Olaf has gone to his reward and Arnet has retired to warmer weather in Arizona.  Roger Smedsrud, his wife Janet and brother Gordon Smedsrud own the farm and the name has been changed to Tiber Farming Co.  The old family homestead is also enjoyed regularly by siblings Duane Smedsrud and Lisa Hanson and their families.  The American decedents of Ole still keep ties with and are blessed by occasional visits from the Norse Smedsruds still live on the family farm in Norway that Ole left behind so many years ago.


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