The results of city elections around the area are out tonight. The Mayor's race in Valier saw challenger Tom Hoover Defeat incumbent Mckenzie Graye150-58.   A contested City Council race saw Steve Nelson defeated Shannon Gabbard 79-32.

Valier also proposed a Street Maintenance District levy which was soundly defeated 136 against to 76 in favor.  The City of Valier recorded a 68-percent voter turnout in the mail-ballot only election.

Incumbent Mayor Wendy Judisch easily won a second term in Conrad defeating challenger Ed Gierke 465-248.   Conrad recorded a 52-percent voter turnout.

And in Choteau incumbent Councilman Jim Anderson was defeated by challenger Rose Crawford 177-93 in Ward I.  There was also a Council race in Ward II in Fairfield where Ronald Dauwalder defeated Charles Brown 96-26