America's Wisdom Mentor AND Master Problem Solver says we were all born to be creators & NOT simply settle for being duplicators! He's Eldon Grant, & Eldon's authored & put together the new book in "The Granted Wisdom Book Series." The book is Volume 1 in the series & is titled "Solve Every Problem In Your Life; Secret, Ancient Principles Guaranteed To Grant YOU Wisdom," & this AMAZING read is up for grabs this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on Puffman Musical Trivia. Eldon believes YOU can learn for yourself what made Solomon the Wise & Budda the Enlightened One! The book is truly a delightful, riveting read for sure. Check out "Solve Every Problem In Your Life" at:, OR email, & then listen to WIN the book this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia. Not that "I'm" so smart but I've put together a musical trivia question on one of my favorite tune (& groups) from the late 50's & early 60's for this afternoon's musical trivia question. Here's a hint...the group's from my old stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eldon's NOT though...he's from Utah!

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