Our city of Shelby ordinance states" It shall be the duty of the owner of ANY premises within the limits of the municipality to keep the sidewalk of & abutting his premises clear of more than 1 inch of snow, ANY amount of snow pack, ANY amount of ice, ANY amount of slush, ANY amount of mud & all other threats to safe foot travel & to prevent the accumulation of same." Property owners shall have TWENTY FOUR hours after snow pack, ice, slush, mud, or other threats. I might also mention that a property owner shall have TWENTY FOUR hours AFTER a snow storm ends to clear the sidewalk of snow greater in depth than 1 inch. There's also a 9-4-2 for FAILURE to comply while 9-4-3 states NO notice is required.I'll be addressing the 9-4-2 & 9-4-3 in a future Puffman Blog. Stay tuned. My advice is to govern yourselves accordingly & help make Shelby safe for all of us!

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