Just getting the 30x50 Veteran's Memorial Flag in the air 6 years ago was a major job, but now the 5-member flag committee is taking further steps to make sure that the "Flag will fly forever."

A veterans memorial display was rapidly being set into place just below the flag site to the South, along the Frontage road on the West edge of Shelby.   The site below was selected because access is much easier and liability is lessened.

When completed, very soon, visitors will be able to drive up to the site and among the views will be a steel image of the U-S  Flag being raised at Iwo Jima during World War II, with the Veteran's Memorial Flag flying in the background (see picture)

Other attractions will include a Pentagon with each of the 5 branches of the Military, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard  on each side.  There will be a Veteran's Memorial table with bricks purchased by Veterans or their Family and Friends.

Those bricks will come at a cost of $400.00 each and that's all part of what Bob Longcake says is the purpose of the display center, "to honor veterans and raise money."      All of the proceeds will go into an endowment so that we can, "fly the flag forever," Longcake said.

It's going to be a great addition to the Grand Old Flag and a salute to those who have served this great country!

Congratulations to the Veterans Memorial committee....Bob Longcake, John Alstad, who spent hundreds of hours cutting the steel images, Jim Yeagley, Larry Nelson and Jim Smith.

October 8th is scheduled for a Media day and the committee is hoping to get tons of Veterans out to unveil the full site.

I sure had fun blogging again.   It's been a while and I also took the picture.  Ya never know where this technology can lead