Farcountry Press, our prestigious Montana-based publisher based in Helena, & voted "Montana's Best Publisher," is thrilled to participate at  the 2023 Montana Book Festival. The festival's this Thursday, through Sunday. Thursday morning, you'll want to catch "Outward Exploration as Self-Exploration," featuring Farcountry authors John Fraley, & John Messick, in the Cooper Room at 11, at the Missoula Public Library. Through their compelling narratives, both Fraley, & Messick, will illuminate the transformative power of nature & adventure in shaping our understanding of ourselves & the world around us. Farcountry Press, is honored to bring these captivating voices & more to the forefront of the 2023 Montana Book Festival. The festival provides a unique opportunity for book enthusiasts, literary aficionados, & the wider community to engage with these remarkable authors & their works. I'll be blogging more this week on the '23 Book Festival...stay tuned. Meanwhile, visit Farcountry Press at www.farcountrypress.com.

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