National Ag Day is honored during March, while here at KSEN & K 96 FM, we "highlight" Agriculture ALL month long in March. Truth be told, here in Montana, we honor & "mark" Agriculture 12 months a year, & why not! Agriculture's our #1 industry! We look GOOD on paper too, & we are GOOD! When you scan the numbers...$4 BILLION in AG cash receipts, 1.7 BILLION cash receipts for cattle & calves & 66% of those acres dedicated to our farmland or Agriculture. All of us are "Down on the Farm," one way or another. I've blogged it before, & I'll blog it again..."Food brings ALL of us to the Table!" Whereas National Ag Day 2020 has concluded for this month & this year, I submit we should make EVERYDAY "Agriculture Appreciation Day!"

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