KSEN & K 96 FM has been honoring Agriculture all during the month of March, & as March draws to a close, I would be remiss NOT to mention how weather, good & bad, impacts our Montana Agriculture. We have a new feature on our AM & FM, which I submit is one of the most unique agriculture features in the broadcast field. Our NEW feature/program is "Ag Weather Impacts" which focuses on precipitation amounts, crop water use, humidity trends, livestock cold & heat stress, soil temperatures & relevant seasonal matter. ALL of these elements are of MAJOR importance to our Montana Ag producers & home gardeners pertaining to soil preparation, planting, irrigation, crop & livestock protection, harvest & marketing. The "Dean" of agricultural weather broadcasters, Dennis Hull, hosts "Ag Weather Impacts" Tuesday through Friday mornings at 6:40, & during our Noon News Hour on KSEN & K 96 FM. Dennis combines his meteorological knowledge with his agricultural background, including being raised on a wheat, barley, alfalfa & cattle farm & ranch north of Chester. With "things" the way they are right now in Montana, & around the country & world, we can truly appreciate & relate to the theme of National Ag Day this year, "Food Brings Everyone to the Table." Meanwhile, Dennis Hull & his " Ag Weather Impacts" will bring our listeners the in-depth LOCAL information we can depend on.






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