Our Shelby Recycling Association is delighted to announced that paper recycling has returned to Shelby. Hats off to Steel Etc. down in Great Falls...they've offered our community a container for paper recycling. The white paper container is on site at the recycling site on the north end of the viaduct at the intersection of Oilfield Avenue & Sheridan. You can access the bin from the back door. Paper should be stacked IN the trailer loading the front first! The bin's for office paper, newspapers, magazines & catalogs. It's been suggested that I place many of my Puffman Blogs in the container but I'm not letting that get me down. Please DON'T bundle the paper with rope, twine or string, & NO plastic bags are permitted. Recycle Shelby offers cardboard, aluminum, tin & NOW, all forms of paper recycling. Remember to follow recycling container rules so's to keep the recycling loads clean & efficiently stored. I urge you to PLEASE do YOUR part to reduce, reuse & recycle.

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