I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby tonight (Tuesday) to read & share more Montana History. We'll be closing the curtain on our current read, "Three Ringlings in Montana; Circus Trains to Cattle Ranches" this evening...there's just a few pages remaining in this romp! Next, it's onward & upward to our next Montana History book & it looks like another good one..."Half Interest in a Silver Dollar; The Saga of Charles E. Conrad," the life of Charles E. Conrad & the history of Fort Benton, Montana Territory. As river transportation died out with the coming of the railroads, Mr. Conrad moved from Fort Benton to Kalispell. It took him 34 years to build his fortune & empire, yet in less than 20 years it was gone. It won't take me nearly that long to read this tome & I'm looking forward to it. See you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP for more Montana History at the Heritage.