I'd submit our Montana wheat is the BEST! In fact, both wheat & barley are Montana #1 cash crop. Montana's in the TOP 5 wheat producing states, & our friends & neighbors over in Choteau County (think Fort Benton) have the #3 wheat producing county in the country! KSEN & K 96 are honoring agriculture this month & recognizing & celebrating the abundance provided BY agriculture. In fact, the theme for this year's national Ag Day next Thursday, March 14th, is "Agriculture: Food for Life." Just ask farmer Bob Quinn over in Big Sandy. Farmer Quinn's written a book along with Liz Carlisle, "Grain by Grain" in which he relates what he did to redeem our daily bread, such as milling whole grain for better nutritional content, practicing organic farming, rediscovering heirloom grains & building markets for them. Quinn began planting Kamut more than 30 years ago & has found numerous uses for this ancient (from Bible times) grain, from bread to Kracklin' Kamut. By cracky, check out his book, Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs & Healthy Food" from Island Press. GREAT reading material any time of the year but especially timely & pertinent as we honor & celebrate MONTANA AGRICULTURE.

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