Natural-born teacher & champion for advocacy, Jill Cody, MPA, minces no words about where the U.S. currently stands in her eye-opening NEW book, "America Abandoned: The Secret Velvet Coup that Cost us Our Democracy," & this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia, I'm giving Jill's book away to the 1st caller in with the correct answer to my musical trivia question. "America Abandoned" explains how multi-billionaires & corporations managed to take control of Congress, the Supreme Court & thus the country in a "Velvet Coup" that few saw coming. Thom Harfmann, nationally syndicated talk show host & bestselling author writes,
"From right-wing conservative to Wall Street fat cats, progressive writer Jill Cody delivers a no-holds-barred look at a country that's becoming politically, morally & financially bankrupt." Check "America Abandoned" out at:, & then listen to WIN later today on Puffman Musical Trivia. I've put together a GREAT musical trivia question from the "Summer of Love" back in 1967 for today's musical trivia.