I ask that question because we held league meetings on Monday night at Marias Valley and the number of teams in both the Monday night and Thursday night continues to decline dramatically.     At one point, not that many years ago there were 18 teams in the Monday night league alone, but last year there were only 10, and now there's the fear that there may only be 8 or less this year.    The Thursday night league was also down to 12 teams last year and might be lower this year.

If you don't like Golf or don't have any interest I totally understand but I'm just wondering if there are other reasons such as you just don't like competition, you don't have the time to commit, you don't have the money or you don't know enough people to make a team.

If you don't have the time you could also consider just subbing, or being a 5th or 6th member of a team and you most likely would still play as much as you want because somebody's always gone.     If the competition makes you nervous or there's not enough competition, that's the great thing about Golf...the handicap really equals things out and golfers around here are pretty friendly and know that the league is a team effort where a bad night can still be salvaged by the rest of the team.    If it's money, a punch card for 10 rounds is really affordable at 145-dollars.

If you like golf but you're not playing league at the awesome Marias Valley, 18 hole course along the river, you're missing out on a great summer activity.    Leagues start April 23rd and Thursday April 26th and there's still time to sign up by calling the course at 434-594 or let me know your thoughts about why you're not playing league.

Speaking of Golf, The Wed. night mens league at The Pondera Golf and Country Club in Conrad will be next Wed. night April 18th at 7:30.