If you ask me, there's a ton of it (even more) right here in Montana. As we celebrate National Agricultural Day this month with this year's theme, "Agriculture: Food for Life," we're reminded that there's not only 265,000 head of cattle on Montana's Indian reservations along, but our friends down in Beaverhead County have the #5 beef producing county in the United States! Many of the products we use in our everyday lives are byproducts of food produced by our Montana farmers & ranchers. I'm talking EVERYTHING from detergents & paints to X-ray film & crayons, textbooks, chalk & even strings for musical instruments! There are so many different & diverse facets of our Montana agricultural industry including financial institutions, attorneys, contractors, farm supply stores, implements dealers, & producers. National Agricultural Day not only gives us "food for life," but also "Food for Thought!"

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