Just in time for National Agriculture Day on Thursday, March 14th, the Great Falls Tribune reports on the Zenith Colony, 20 miles north of Cut Bank, Cow # 953 had TRIPLETS! Arnie Wurz is the COW BOSS up there, & he's described ol' 5.5 year old ol' 953 as a "sweetheart." I'm happy to blog that the calves & cow are off to a great start...the cow's producing milk & the calves are putting on weight...FAST! Two are identical & they all came from the same bull. Sure, the birth of twin calves is one thing, BUT it occurs in beef breeds only ONCE in every 90 live births. As for triplets, we're talking odds of ONCE in every 105,000 deliveries. Toss in the fact that all 3 calves were of the same gender & all 3 were born alive, the odds work out to about 1 in 700,000! What a way to honor Agriculture this month. After all, the theme for this year's National Ag Day is "Agriculture: Food for Life."MOO on over. If you ask me, this is TRIPLE abundance right here in our Treasure State.

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